Birth of a Blog

So yeah, here I am joining the ranks of the bloggers. Why, you ask? Because I’ve tried everything else to permanently NOT be the “fat chick,” but nothing has stuck, so I thought that baring my soul anonymously to the world might do it, or at least make me feel better as a fat chick.

Ok, so what exactly does “tried everything” mean? Here’s all that I can remember at this time:

  • Diet Workshop (age 12)
  • Fruit Fling (age 16)
  • Slimfast (age 18)
  • Diet Ayds (teens)
  • Weight Watchers (repeatedly)
  • Nutrisystem (age 25)
  • Overeaters Anonymous (twenties)
  • Therapists (repeatedly since my early twenties)
  • Various gyms/personal trainers (twenties/thirties)
  • Hypnosis (forties)
  • Medical-assisted weight loss programs (thirties/forties)
  • Surgery – gastric band (age 44)

And today…I am back to my highest weight ever…once again. So basically, I have a bone to pick with everyone who’s anyone in the field of bariatrics.  YOU ALL SUCK AT YOUR JOB!!!

So yeah, that’s realistic and rational, right? Now I have decided I need to just scrape the rotting crap out of every corner of my polluted mind and have a good old-fashioned “come to Jesus” meeting with myself. Welcome to the revival sisters and brothers, hope you brought your rain gear and shovels ‘cuz it’s about to get nasty in here!


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