Hello! I have decided that 2013 is going to be my lucky year and have started this blog in order to “mind dump” all the trash muckin’ up by brain in the hopes of re-creating myself into someone I actually like! For me, a big part of that is losing weight – a battle I’ve been waging since the age of 10. My Mom was bringing me to Diet Workshop by the age of 12 and promising me entire new wardrobes, if I’d just lose that weight…meanwhile stocking the house with Oreos and ice cream. Fast forward a few decades and she is now sliding down the Alzheimer’s road, while I’m still promising myself great rewards for losing that weight once and for all.

So welcome, please feel free to comment – but not attack or abuse! I hope the inner workings of my mind do not frighten you, or prompt you to contact authorities…I promise it’s all just talk!


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